3 most usual mistakes in the natural skincare routine (and how to fix them)

If you are willing to switch to the natural skincare products, there is a lot you should learn first. To do an overhaul of your personal care routine would take hours of review-analyzing, tutorial-watching to find the right products for your skin type. Plus, replacing all products with natural ones at once might be quite expensive. Right now natural beauty is having its big moment and practically every brand and manufacturer tries to get involved. However there is plenty information which might seem confusing.

First of all, it’s better to make the switch to one product at a time than to interchange the entire skincare routine at once. It will not only save your money, but also help you try the product and identify whether it is right for your skin type. Also you must avoid the most common mistakes people make when getting started in all-natural care:
1. Beginning a face oil regime without the usage of a toner.
The fact is, sometimes a salesperson don’t tell you about the importance of toner before applying an oil. Until recently, toner was composed of mostly alcohol, which was drying the skin. But now things changed and there are so many options of outstanding toners that consist of distilled plant essences mixed with pure water. They are available practically in every store of pharmacy.
Using toner before applying the oil is essential for your skin, because this is the way allowing to absorb moisture before “locking” it in with oil. Your skin’s barrier becomes sealed once you apply an oil and nothing comes in or out. The oil does not hydrate though it might feel so. If you don’t want your skin to feel dry and deflated, start the routine with a proper toner. It can also prevent the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

2. Believing that “natural” always means “safe”
Natural and safe are not the same. It is necessary to look for safety when it comes to the self-care. Especially when it comes to the beauty products. However not all natural products appear to be safe for your body. For example, citrus oils smell fresh and wonderful but they are phototoxic and in skincare they can be a major hazard. These oils hey make your skin sensitive to the sun and can make you burn.
It is also important to understand the role of certain components in a product more than it is to seek products that are labeled “natural.” There’s a wide range of quality variability within the category of essential oils, for example, making it tough to differentiate and find the best ones. The safety of a product or a component goes beyond the “natural” label.
Another reason for safety concern in natural care is the use of preservatives. Many providers try to avoid them, so if the product does not contain a preservative, you must be very attentive with the expiration dates. The other way is to consider being a little more forgiving when it comes to preservatives in formulas as they can be really helpful. They keep active ingredients safe while fending off harmful bacteria and mold.
3. Changing skin care before body care.
Skin care products are the stars on the scene of natural beauty. There are a lot more brand that prefer to focus on facial skin concerns than body ones. But the truth is, your face represents approximately 4.5 % of the whole skin’s surface area. Believe me, no one is doubting its importance, but you will definitely get more bang for your buck by switching over your body products like soap, deodorant, body wash, body oils, and moisturizers first.

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