9 things you should not keep in your bedroom

Your bedroom is the most important place in your home. You sleep there and restore your energy. It is obvious that the quality of your sleep affects your life, your mood, and your cognitive skills. Your bedroom should be a heaven of tranquility. In-between a busy work schedule and your social life, your brain and body can be overworked. Without the perfect, tranquil environment to relax in, chilling out can be difficult. So you have to pay attention and make sure there are no unnecessary and unhealthy things in your sleeping space. Here are nine things to keep out of your sleep space so you can wake up happier and healthier than ever.

1. Carpets
If you wake up with a sore throat, itchy eyes or a runny nose, chances are you’re allergic to something in your bedroom, and one common culprit is dust mites. Dust mites live in soft materials like carpets, so to keep the critters at bay and trade your carpet for an area rug. Less carpet means fewer allergens and fewer congested mornings.
2. Very bright colors
We all love the bold, brightly colored bedrooms we see in the internet, but they’re not practical and can provoke insomnia. Bright colors are activating, so sleep-inducing blue or calming earth tones are better options. But don’t worry; just because your color palette is beige doesn’t mean your design has to be. You can accessorize with pops of color to highlight your sparkling personality.
3. Light curtains
We all love gauzy, white curtains that flutter with a breeze…but they belong in the living room. In the bedroom, darkness is key, so thicker curtains win. Light pollution from LED street lights and nearby homes can upset your circadian rhythm and adversely affect your health. So try blackout curtains; you can pretend you’re at a hotel every night!
4. Snarky art
Keep your snarky art in the living room so all of your friends know how clever you are, but let your bedroom be an irony-free zone. Make it a haven of good! This is your space to get calm and happy as you start – and end – your day. Make it joyful.
5. Smartphone
Your phone is screwing up your relationship, according to 1 billion articles we’ve all read, with titles like “Is your phone killing your relationship?”. We know you’re not going to chuck your iPhone, but why not at least make your bedroom a no-phone-zone and read a book instead. Available wherever books are sold.
6. Bad bed position
If you have ever dabbled in feng shui, you probably know that you are supposed to be able to see your door from your bed. But did you know that you are also supposed to make sure your feet are not directly in line with the door? In Chinese tradition, the dead are carried out the door feet first, so that alignment is called coffin position. Reposition accordingly!

7. Pet
Sorry, but it’s true: if you snore at night and you don’t know why, your furry friend may be to blame. A whopping 15% of people are allergic to dogs and cats, whether or not we care to admit it. If evicting your pup from the bedroom is a non-starter, at least get an air purifier to mitigate the damage.
8. Tiny decorations
You’ve probably accepted by now that clutter makes people unhappy, but what actually constitutes clutter? Well, according to the cantaloupe rule, any decorative items that are smaller than a cantaloupe. So for a room that feels simple and serene, swap that collection of tiny shells for a larger, more dramatic piece.
9. TV
We all know that screens emit blue light that screws with melatonin production and thus, sleep. But sometimes you just need to watch TV in bed – especially if you’re recovering from the flu or a breakup. So let’s come up to a compromise: invest in a portable projector for those times you’ve just got to veg out hard.


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