A simple Japanese method to organize your closet

As the seasons change, we feel a wish dust off our homes and give them a fresh start. The same goes for the closet. This is what we want to discuss today and spill the one thing that can declutter your closet for good. From the food we eat to the hours of sleep, there are many factors that contribute to our overall sense of well-being. Our spaces inevitably play a role too.
Your environment reflects your state of mind. Researches say that people with cluttered homes tend to be more depressed and stressed. One of the most important areas to keep under control is the bedroom. If the place where we lay our head to rest is cluttered and messy, it can definitely affect our sleep and stress levels. Research out of Princeton University found out that physical clutter competes for your attention, increases stress hormone levels, and kills creative thinking.

Over the past years, the Japanese method of organizing home has won serious popularity. This technique is simple yet effective. Here is what you can do:
1. Take an inventory of your clothes and do a closet detox.
Hold each piece of clothing separately and use this time as an exercise in mindfulness. Does this piece of clothing serves you and brings happiness? If it doesn’t – just throw it away or give for charity. This whole process means more that you think – practically it is like getting outer and inner cleansing. When you find yourself afterwards with piles of not wanted clothes, you free yourself of memories and feeling from the past experience.
2. Organize your closet by color.
As the method suggests, take all the remaining clothes in the closet and organized them from dark to light colors, left to right. This is very helpful in terms of the flow of the closet, making it seem less cluttered. Don’t be so skeptical and try this trick! This easy organizational hack tends to quickly create a balance and simplicity that you gonna love.
3. Don’t ignore the drawers.
This part of your bedroom is always more cluttered than any place. First of all, roll your my shirts like a sushi roll and organize them by color. The shirts are meant to be laid side by side so that you can see them all when you open your drawers. That is a revolution! No need to haphazardly fold the T-shirts so that you wouldn’t be able to see them all until you needed to do laundry.
If you continue following this techniques you will feel more peaceful, organized and your bedroom will remain a sacred place for rest. You will sleep better and experience less stress from these simple home-sorting concepts. Even if you don’t realize it, but organizing things in your home is kind of a magical ritual that changes your life. Don’t stop and regularly go through my closet regularly. Honoring things that don’t serve you anymore. Use this method when buying clothes too – consider the necessity and the energy it would bring to your home.

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