Do you pay your neck enough attention? Here is a must-do routine

They say that our eyes are the doors to the soul, but the neck is the superhighway to the face. Seriously. Suddenly you start to notice that the skin around your neck has become dark, and has fine lines and superficial wrinkles. And you realize that it is not just your face, but your neck too requires some tendering loving. Most of us often fail to take proper care of our neck as the focus always stays on the face. Our neck is a home to lymph nodes and major veins and arteries, which carry blood and lymph to and from the head. Close to the neck are our thyroid and thymus glands, both of which moderate hormones. Did you ever really notice that the neck is being left out in all your care treatments?

The massage specialists in both Eastern and Western philosophies say that you have to work the neck first in facial massage. You almost might as well not work the face if you’re ignoring the neck. Here’s a simple routine to care for it.

1. Try to pay more attention to it daily.
It is a super-simple tip to avoid tech neck. Just be more in control of your habits. How often are you looking down with your chin tucked into your chest? You might try scrolling through news feed with your phone out in front of your face instead of in your hands.

2. Stretch out your neck before bed.
This will not take more than a couple of minutes. It is recommended to stretch out the front of your neck—the part that’s compressed thanks to tech neck—to release the muscles there and allow for better blood and lymph flow, which will ultimately improve your skin. Look up to the ceiling slowly and move your jaw around. Then, after you’ve been in that position for a moment, pucker your lips. This movement draws the fascia and tissue upward, providing a huge release.

3. Apply sun protection.
We are so attentive to the sun protection of our face, but the majority does not realize the necessity of such for the neck. Especially if you drive most days, and don’t forget the sides of the neck. The age spots on the neck are a lot more difficult to correct with lasers and other medical treatments, so prevention is crucial.

4. Get anti-inflammatory products.
In fact you can use facial products on your neck, but you should decrease the frequency or intensity. The neck skin, like the skin around the eyes, is thinner and more sensitive. It might be a good idea to skip drying clay-based masks and acid-based products. You can try daily gentle moisturizing products.

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