How to start fresh and rebuild your life in any sphere today

Don’t we all sometimes find ourselves willing to start all over? It is absolutely normal to think about it at the beginning of the year, on a birthday or at the end of relationships. But the truth is – you can do it any day, any time you like.

If you decided you wanted a change in any area of your life – romance, career, personal attitude, use these steps below. Follow them like guidelines, allowing enough time.

1. Start with forgiving yourself
The essential part of new beginnings is leaving the past behind. You need to reconsider your mistakes, accept your emotions and learn the valuable lessons. But the most important part comes next – you need to fully except all your actions in past and stop judging yourself for mistakes. You will not be ready to enjoy new experience if you skip this part.
2. Consider a new start as a “healing change”
When talking to others about the life makeover you want to make, refer to it as to a way of healing the breaches, something that can help recuperate from mistakes in the past and prevent it. If you’re a writer that has a writing block right now, you recently experienced a big rejection, or you want to change your style, call it a writing healing. The term healing is uplifting, it has a positive energy and will definitely influence your attitude.
3. Allow time before making active moves
Don’t let the rush in, don’t fall into “do, go, make” right away. Take a few weeks to get loose and put things into place – clear your head, acknowledge where you are now and where you want to go. Be honest with yourself about the reasons and intentions. Take long walks, read, meditate – do whatever you need to find the answers to all the questions before taking serious steps.
4. Speak up for your wishes and big plans
Are you dreaming about travelling around the world for a year or so? Do yoga In India, practice massage in Asia or climb the highest mountain in the Alps? Take your dream and visualize it, pay attention to the details and gain the feeling of how wonderful you would feel. It is obvious that not all dreams are easy to realize, but for now let your imagination run wild and send that energy out into the universe. This honors your emotions by allowing yourself to express your wants and desires uncensored. It can also positively influence the outcome. If you decide to start saving money for a few years for a down payment, that still counts as a fresh start—big time!
5. Be practical, but flexible at the same time
If a fresh start includes such steps as getting a diploma or changing career sphere, you might make a detailed strategy that involves working full-time and going to school part-time or moving in with a relative to cut back on costs while you’re still considering the new niche to get started. Detailed plans rock, but being rigid does not. Be flexible to allow for any challenges or unexpected lucrative opportunities.
6. Get clear about what you won’t tolerate yourself and other people
You need to understand that same attitude can not provide different results. Re-think your relationships with other people and identify what exactly brings you down – this could be anything from the lack of support to pushing you into spending money on expensive meals or vacations. Initially try to set new rules and boundaries in favor of your peaceful state of mind. Be merciful with yourself during your fresh start, just as you would be with a child you were trying to discipline.
7. Check in with yourself through some ritual or journal.
Make little dates with yourself to stay focused and present about your fresh start. You could create and do some personal hygge ritual every month, take a long walk in nature once a week to contemplate the emotions that are coming up around your fresh start, or journal about the progress you’ve made when you score a big win.
Sometimes life has a better plan for us than the one we choose. I guess the most powerful action you can make on your fresh start journey is to surrender and trust the Universe.

Claire Montgomery

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